A Texas barbecue shootout I was judging a few years back. Unsurprisingly those were not kegs of Sip of Sunshine

As cult beers go Three Floyds’ Dark Lord is at the top of the scrap heap. Once a year the Indiana brewery throws a big Dark Lord party where people get drunk and lose their everloving minds. Of course you can’t throw a party based on one beer so the brewers batch up a handful of “variants” on the original and people go berserk trying to lay their hands on them. Continue Reading

RL Reeves Jr reports on the U.S soul food scene

Vegan soul food is having a moment and we’ve been leading the resistance from New Orleans 9th Ward. Our neighborhood is filled with soul food cafes, hot plate joints and meat markets selling hog balls, maws, knee caps and snouts.

A common meal deal is two pieces of fried chicken for .99c.

If you opened a vegan soul food cafe in the the 9th you’d better buy some pigs to feed all the leftovers to. We suspect the rate of veganism in our neighborhood is among the nation’s lowest. Continue Reading