Joell Lee aka “Jo Baby”

Celebrate the launch of Kim Vaz Deville’s newest tome on the New Orleans Baby Doll phenomenon today at Xavier University.

Copies of “Walking Raddy: The Baby Dolls of New Orleans” will be up for sale, and a host of Baby Dolls will be in attendance.

Let’s hope a rumble doesn’t break out between the rival factions. Baby Dolls have been known to pack heat, and they love whiskey. Could be trouble. We’re still going.

Sunday July 22nd 2018
Xavier University
Administration Building Auditorium. 1 Drexel Drive. New Orleans, LA 70125.

And never forget the words of one of New Orleans most legendary chefs; let’s pass the mic to Austin Leslie of Chez Helene fame: “You fool with them, they’d cut you too” Mr Leslie once said whilst speaking on the Baby Dolls.

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Zuppardo’s Supermarket had their pork neckbones on sale earlier this week. The meat off the bones makes excellent tacos, and once you render all the collagen out of the osseous matter you’ll have a terrific stock. Would you like to learn how to make pork stock? We wrote this primer

Pork stock is a crucial building block in our gumbo, and red beans and rice recipes.

Sticky sweet pork ribs cooked til the meat falls right off the bone at Bullard’s in New Orleans 9th Ward

“We’ve all got those ‘passionate moments’ in our family’s lives, when maybe a teenager wants to tell his family he’s gay, or someone needs to tell the family they have cancer,”

Ryal Thomas will be serving hog maws, cheeseburgers, and community building at his new restaurant Squiggly Giggly in Charlottesville. Continue Reading

Little Freddie King is one of our heroes. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve seen the McComb, Mississippi native play around New Orleans, and you can’t call yourself a local til you’ve watched him perform at BJ’s Lounge in the Upper 9th Ward.

His shows there are legend, and that’s where he’ll be performing tomorrow night Friday July 20th 2018. See y’all out there.

Happy Birthday Mr Freddie. 78 years old today.