New Orleans Dirtiest Restaurants

Todd Price is putting in the hard work over at the Times Pic. In this morning’s paper, Price outlines what he reckons are the least hygienic restaurants in the best eating city in the US.

There are over 1,000 restaurants in New Orleans, and many are run by neophytes who have only passing familiarity with sanitation. Others, run by industry veterans, are just as dirty. Their cleanliness is governed by their laissez-faire outlook on life. Continue Reading

Goetz Brewing of San Antonio Texas

Deep Ellum Brewing, formerly of Dallas, is now owned by Massachusetts’ Canarchy. more

There is a special circle in hell for breweries that sell their taproom pints for $7. That is one thing I miss about drinking in Austin: there are 62 breweries in the metro and my favorites sell their beers for $4-$5. The New York Times visits Stone Cow Brewery where they’re pulling in nearly $900 for one barrel of their IPA. more

“Harlem is high-end and upscale…” It’s so weird to think that gritty old Harlem has changed so drastically over the last few years. I remember getting lost there when I was a teenage roadie driving a van filled with music gear. And Harlem now has its first 100% black-owned craft beer bar. more

Meet the man behind Surly Brewing’s trenchant social media streams. more