Mildred “Mama Dip” Council has passed away at the age of 89. The legendary North Carolina soul food cook, and restaurant owner sat down with Professor Florence Soltys in 2003 for this 30 minute interview. RIP Mama.

There is a new vegan “soul food” restaurant in New Orleans. We’re certain the vegans have plenty fine food but we’d happily kick the pins out from underneath somebody that tried to feed us vegan gumbo or jambalaya. Continue Reading

Amsterdam Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

In the suddenly hip Amsterdam Oost neighborhood, Bar Basquiat acts as neo-Bohemian anchor on Javastraat. The bar is an homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Brooklyn born artist who’s been dead for 20 years now.

Housed in a former supermarket, Bar Basquiat would be right at home in Austin or Portland. Sonic Youth is on the hi fi and the staff are appropriately tattooed and disheveled.

Joe’s Bakery in Austin, Texas

A few times a year I clamber aboard a big jet airplane and fly over to Austin to gorge on tacos and barbecue. New Orleans is the best eating city in the US but New Orleans does not do tacos or barbecue. That’s ok, Austin couldn’t make a proper kettle of gumbo or red beans and rice if life itself hung in the balance.

On The Road With RL Reeves Jr: Joe’s Bakery In Austin Texas

Joe’s Bakery does things the old-fashioned way. Their flour tortillas are the stuff of fever dreams and they’ve elevated the humble bean and cheese taco to a high level form of art.

Amsterdam Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

The riots are long over.

Back in the 80s when ground finally broke (after 30 years of planning) on the Dutch National Opera and Ballet House in Amsterdam, squatters, crusty punks and anarchists took to the streets to thwart the construction of the complex. Water cannons were brought in, Dutch police with truncheons waded into the fray, skulls were cracked and punks were sent running for cover.

The building of an opera and ballet house was not to be thwarted and if the streets had to run red with blood then so be it.

Nowadays the scene is much more peaceful and if you happen by around noon on Tuesdays (between October and June) you can hasten inside for a free lunch time concert.

Field Report: Marjie’s Grill via rl reeves jr

We had the single best bite of barbecue ever served to us in a New Orleans restaurant last week at Marjie’s Grill. Of course that’s tantamount to declaring young Imogene the single best ballerina in Galveston. It doesn’t carry a lot of weight as there is no good barbecue being commercially served in our fair city. Continue Reading