Soft Shell Crab Po Boy From Cafe Dauphine In New Orleans

The last time we ate food from the kitchen of Cafe Dauphine we left the restaurant only to take a post-prandial navigation through a gang of errant dirt bike riders in the lower 9th Ward.

By now those riders are famous; mainly for getting themselves killed as they zoom up and down the byways of New Orleans with nary a care in the world.

That ‘come what may’ attitude serves them well until they’re sliding face first down the tarmac at 60mph. Continue Reading

Nick’s Grocery Is Closing

Nick’s Grocery, an old timey boudain shop in Port Arthur, Texas is shuttering. Nick and Dorothy Nicotre opened the store on Sept. 2, 1959.

Son of the founders, owner Nick Nicotre, 75, is plumb tired. He attempted to find a buyer to keep the concern ongoing but did not have any luck. After 47 years slinging boudin we understand. It’s a hard life making and selling upwards of 500lbs of boudin per day.

Reports swirling out of Port Arthur of long lines and bare shelves have been confirmed by a buddy’s parents who tried to run by and get a few links for old times sake. They were not successful.

No word on whether Bun B managed to score a few links.