Young Fellaz Brass Band second line in Armstrong Park

Saturday June 6th, 2020, Young Fellaz Brass Band are throwing an “all black attire” second line in Armstrong Park at 3pm. You will be required to stay six feet away from fellow celebrants.

When I was at the Big Chief Leonard Brooks of the Golden Spears Tribe second line back in mid-March I never dreamed that it would be the final parade of the spring.

Gallery of the Big Chief send-off

Lake Charles American-Press
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Jan 31st 1956

Up in Philadelphia, chef Ana Caballero has created Proyecto Tamal, a tamale project devised to put some dollars in at-risk Latino cooks’ bank accounts. Every week Caballero teams up with an out-of-work cook to produce 400 tamales, sell them, and deliver the proceeds to the cook’s kitty. Each pop up has raised $1400 – $1500. Continue Reading

rl reeves jr examines the life of New Orleans boxer Joe Dorsey Jr

“There shall be no fistic combat match, boxing, sparring, or wrestling contest or exhibition between any person of the Caucasian or `white’ race and one of the African or `Negro’ race; and, further, it will not be allowed for them to appear on the same card.”

That’s a rule codified by the Louisiana State Athletic Commission, an agency of the State of Louisiana with “full authority, regulation and control over all boxing and wrestling contests or exhibitions in the state” Continue Reading