Tony Owens performing at Ponderosa Stomp in 2015

Visit the Zen dojo where Lee Dorsey cut “Ride Your Pony”

The 2017 Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans is just a little over three months away. We’re slobbering like coon hounds at the lineup which includes Doug Kershaw, The Mummies and Roky Erickson among a long list of tungsten-level heavyweights flying in from all over the US to tear the Orpheum Theater to the ground and leave it a pile of smoking rubble.


Tony Owens is the lost soul king of New Orleans

Soft Shell Crab Po Boy From Cafe Dauphine In New Orleans

The last time we ate food from the kitchen of Cafe Dauphine we left the restaurant only to take a post-prandial navigation through a gang of errant dirt bike riders in the lower 9th Ward.

By now those riders are famous; mainly for getting themselves killed as they zoom up and down the byways of New Orleans with nary a care in the world.

That ‘come what may’ attitude serves them well until they’re sliding face first down the tarmac at 60mph. Continue Reading