2017 Undefeated Divas Second Line Parade

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Sundays are the highlight of the week for the Scrumptious crew. We spend all week long moping around the house, and trundling ourselves off to work before the Lord’s day finally arrives and we can take to the streets to dance, eat Creole hot sausages, and drink daquiris without a care in the world.

Sunday January 15th 2017 Undefeated Divas rolled through Treme. Here’s what we saw: Continue Reading

My father Russell Sr still makes the finest pone of cornbread I’ve ever eaten. His technique is an odd one as he pours the batter into a cold pan that’s been liberally rubbed with Crisco shortening. Most top bar cornbread cooks aver that starting with a scalding hot pan is the one true method. And actual lard should be the pan grease. Continue Reading