We try to pay as little attention to politicians as possible. So when names like Trump, Landrieu, Erdogan, Clinton, and Putin come up in our daily gambit across the internet we plow ahead to other more benign interests.

We have little time for the shuck and jive of professional hucksters. Continue Reading

Kentucky Soul Food

At Irma Dee’s in Louisville “…the menu of the day included Salisbury steak, smothered pork chops, fried whiting and catfish, chicken wings, ham, ribs, plus a range of sides from potato salad to greens.” We want a lady named Irma Dee to prepare every meal we eat from here on out. Writer Kevin Gibson has all the details. Continue Reading

Raymond Pumilia of Royal Brewery In New Orleans East

I love exploring the broken, forlorn back-streets of New Orleans. When news broke that Royal Brewery, located in the wilds of New Orleans East, was opening today I pulled up their address and stared at the map for a few minutes then quietly began plotting a course towards the upper reaches of the Industrial Canal. Continue Reading

NuNu’s is producing some of the best charcuterie in Louisiana

“When the Bavarian patriarch Oscar F. Mayer immigrated to the United States in 1873, he worked as a butcher boy in Detroit and then in Chicago’s meat industry. Oscar F. soon started his own company with his brothers Gottfried, well-versed in “wurstmaking,” and Max, who kept the books.” Continue Reading

We’re really looking forward to getting a copy of History Between These Folds a group effort from this year’s junior class at George Washington Carver High School in New Orleans 9th Ward.

Kiese Laymon, an English professor at the University of Mississippi, was instrumental in helping the teenagers get published. Nearly 80 9th Ward 11th graders participated in the project.

Eric Parrie, a history teacher at G.W. Carver Collegiate Academy gave the students an assignment to “tell the story of a meaningful moment and just tell it as powerfully and beautifully and in as detailed a way as you can”

History Between These Folds is the result

Buy the book here.

Little People’s Place 1226 Barracks St; New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

It’s been a quarter century since charbroiled oysters hit the menu at Drago’s Seafood Restaurant out in Metairie. Since then hundreds of cooks, chefs, housewives, dockhands, and oystermen have all taken a crack at what has become one of southern Louisiana’s archetypal dishes. Continue Reading