Bamboo Cafe in Harvey, Louisiana. (504) 325-5986

People who live on the East Bank of the Mississippi River in New Orleans love to denigrate folks who’ve settled down on the western side of the Big Muddy. We’re not sure why. We love driving onto the ferry in nearby Chalmette for a day excursion to Harvey or as we are fond of calling it “Cosmopolite City.” Continue Reading

Double D Meat Company sausage hot off RL Reeves Jr’s smoker

Smoked sausage is the north star that guides Louisiana’s best red bean cooks.

Sunday nights in New Orleans means one thing: Emptying a big bag of Camellia beans into a glass bowl filled with cold water for a good overnight soak before you make your family’s red beans and rice dinner on Monday.

That tattered old note card with your great aunt Ophelia’s recipe? It stays in the cupboard. You know the formula by heart. Continue Reading