RL Reeves Jr reports on the national tamale scene

Nurses make an average of $71,000 per annum. After working for 30 years as an RN in Knoxville, Tennessee, Sonya Curl could have been forgiven for rearing back in a Barcalounger and watching TV in her golden years. Instead she took to social media and began vending what she calls Tennessee tamales. There is a long history of tamale making in eastern Tennessee, and while they could not be more different than the Tex-Mex tamales we grew up eating they do have a niche in our bellies. Continue Reading

Amsterdam, Noord Holland is one of my favorite cities on earth. It’s the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a tiny country in northwestern Europe that occupies a land mass one third the size of Kentucky.

RL Reeves Jr On A Trek Through The Netherlands

The Northern Docklands section of Amsterdam reminds me of East Austin 20 years ago. The money is starting to come but the neighborhood has not yet been ruined. Continue Reading