Highland Park Drive In is on the Eastern Kentucky Chili Bun Trail

It’s a drive straight out of National Geographic.

Leaving Corbin, Kentucky and heading southbound toward Williamsburg on the “the old road” Hwy 26 offers a look into the new and old of Appalachia. There are solidly built brick homes, trailers mouldering into the earth, rushing creeks, burned down hulks of old houses, and tidy woodframe bungalows with pea gravel drives. more

Turducken from Chris Specialty Meat

If you don’t have the time, energy or technique to produce your own turducken for the holiday season we have compiled a list of area butchers who are happy to provide the service for you. They’re not cheap but all bets are off when uncle Bob and aunt Marge are driving in from out of state. more

Field Report: 2018 Sudan Social Aid and Pleasure Club Second Line

We’ll update this post as the day goes by….Sudan went all out yesterday. The old s&p put on the best roll of this young season, and Da Truth Brass Band were in the trees, just tearing heads off. It was the best set I’ve ever seen them play, and I’ve seen them over a hundred times. Continue Reading

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

There are a thousand things to love about New Orleans second lines but one of the finest parts is the age range. You have little kids so small they can’t yet walk, and you have the old timers who can no longer walk but wheel along in their wheelchairs.

From the Associated Press: “In a story Oct. 22 about a recipe for Texas Red Chili, The Associated Press failed to specify in some references that the chili without beans is Texas Red, and not all Texas chilies. In addition, the Terlingua Chili Contest is in Terlingua, Texas, not in Grapevine, Texas. The story should have clarified that cumin and oregano are in the recipe as part of the chili powder blend. The corrected version below also removes the reference to Hatch chili powder, which is not from Texas.”

After reading the Workman article we penned the following Washington Post Crosses The Texas Red Chili Line and reached out to AP to point out several egregious errors in the original piece. After a vigorous back and forth, AP issued the corrected article.

Long story short: Don’t fuck around with Texas Red chili. And do your proper “sweat neck research” or you’ll be hearing from us.